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Turkish Textile Network (TTN) and Aegean Has Apparel (AHA) are coming together for Spanish buyer companies and looking for potential business connections with the “from fabric to fashion” motto.
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As the Turkish Textile Network (TTN) and Aegean Has Apparel (AHA) exporters, we bring together 45 textile manufacturers and apparel companies to showcase their high-end products varying from fabrics to ready-to-wear garments in line with the global textile trends for the upcoming 2022 – 2023 seasons. In other words, we offer you delicious dishes of rich Turkish cuisine and the best Turkish chefs together.

In this way, with our “from fabric to fashion” motto, we are ready to fulfill the accumulated need for textiles and apparel with a strong partnership by combining the power of these two countries, which have shared the same Mediterranean passion.

We are honored that you attend our “Virtual Meetings Spain Trade Delegation” event, which will be held between 25-28 May.

Prepare your agendas not to miss this magnificent digital meeting!

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Turkish Textile

Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Associaton (UTIB) and Aegean Textile and Raw Material Exporters Association (ETHIB) are institutions that include the Turkish Textile Network (TTN) cluster brand.

Turkish Textile Network is a manufacturer cluster consists of companies from cities located at 2 western cities Bursa and İzmir. Cluster is supported by 2 associations; Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Associaton (UTIB) and Aegean Textile and Raw Material Exporters Association (ETHIB).

Thanks to the strong Turkish textile companies within its structure, today they export over 160 countries under the name of Turkish Textile Network (TTN).

Aegean Has Apparel

The Aegean has many doors opening up to the world and ready-to-wear clothing is one of them. The region is a reliable production partner for many worldwide known brands and retail chains by being flexible in terms of production and delivery times and a fashion-oriented mind. A project named AHA (Aegean Has Apparel) has recently launched, to introduce apparel exporters and manufacturing capabilities of Aegean Region on international scale and to promote it on various platforms.

You can meet with companies from Bursa and İzmir during the virtual meetings.

Only in 2020, 1305 firms (EHKİB) + 942 firms (UHKİB) in Turkey exported apparel items to 167 countries around the world.

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