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  • CASA was founded in 1989for domestic market in and started to export in 1996 to EUROPEAN countries as a shirt supplier.In 2002,Casa has started developing our own collection to provide the best service to our customers.Meanwhile,Casa has gradually increased its production capacity to meet rising demand and started to produce 2 million garments per year.
  • Today Casa is active in the fields of design, product improvement, production organization and sales & marketing. Within the framework of social and environmental sustainability vision, we can constantly renew and update ourselves. 
  • From design to Production:
  • R&D Team
  • Aiming to fulfill the changing consumer demands and expectations in consideration of our responsibilities towards people and nature.
  • Design team
  • We carry out in the follow-up of the latest trends in fashion fairs and fashion capitals of the world with our experienced fabric and design team. We ensure our products are up-to-date with our capacity to supply fabric and accessories from all around the world.
  • Production
  • Our production is fast, flexible and on time
  • We aim for a production period of 4 to 6 weeks on average with a central production planning experienced production team and logistics organization.
  • Quality
  • At Casa, quality control is performed in all phases from the beginning of design to the end of production.
  • Laboratory
  • We are making all physical tests & some chemical tests.
  • Sustainability
  • As Casa, we believe that environmental and social resources should be protected and developed for a sustainable life. Therefore, we adopt it as a principle to prevent any possible negative impacts on the environment caused by any of our activities and services, and to minimize those that we cannot totally prevent.
  • Certificates
  • organic + reycle + smeta

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