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Demirtaş Org.San.Böl. Mustafa Karaer Cad. No:32 Osmangazi Bursa / Türkiye


Hüseyin Avni Maraditli
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Emirali is one of the leading woven garment manufacturers in Turkey. Established in 2003. Emirali has specialized in manufacturing of soft separates including different variations of dresses, blouses, and trousers in high volume and produces time-sensitive goods for the world’s leading brands via its global network.
Emirali’ s corporate culture is based on teamwork and open communication – our performance expectations are very high.These principles underpin each staffer’s personal commitment to meeting customer needs. As a company, our core values are open to innovation, honesty, and transparency, team spirit, and dynamism, working with a self-confident and productive labor force, awareness of laws, social values and environmental.

Development and quality continue to be our fundamental strengths as we seek out and take advantage of opportunities for further growth and success.
We serve our customer with accurate, prompt and ethical values, meanwhile support our suppliers by means of developing their quality standards. Besides perceiving customer satisfaction as a priority, we also aim to be a model company through our transparent management approach and honesty.
With dynamic and productive workforce we manage to keep our team spirit and the concept of institutional commitment alive.

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