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Kurtuluş OSB Özçavuşoğlu Sk. No: 11, 16580, Gürsu BURSA / TURKEY


Burak Ay
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İlay Textile is a Turkish industrial enterprise that operates in design and production activities, conveying its achievements that come from the past to its innovative nature.

With the facility’s indoor space of 50.000 m2, approximately 500 employees and an archive that includes more than 40.000 patterns, İlay offers rapid and creative solutions for the continuously changing needs of the fashion world. İlay, by means of its working order and  professional perspective regarding manufacturing methods, offers innovative and secure opportunities for its domestic and overseas business partners as well.

İlay, that keeps the continuous progress up to date with its rapid and error-free manufacturing mission, going one step beyond the changes by this means, leads the new printing techniques and technologies both in Turkey and in Europe.

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