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Taylan Sulaoglu
Business Development Executive
Evrim Kucukkaya
Fabrics Sales Manager


Founded in 1950s in Bursa-Turkey, the city of textiles, Savcan Textile Group is a vertically integrated chain of fabric production, garment manufacturing units and EU based design/service hubs.

The product range consists of woven and knit fabrics of viscose, cotton, linen, polyester (including an eco-friendly line) mainly for soft separates and bottom-wear garments (blouse, dress, skirt, shorts and pants) for ladies/kids.

Founded in 1950s and incorporated in 1987, HQ and main sourcing units are in Turkey in addition to its design/service hubs in Barcelona and London and production capabilities in East EU, North Africa and Far East. Annual capacity of the supply chain reaches 20 Mmts greige fabrics, 30 Mmts dyed/printed fabrics and 9 Mpcs of garments.

Savcan is accredited by TURQUALITY®, the state-sponsored brand building program and 70% of all goods is directly or indirectly exported to brands and their landed manufacturers. Our EU based hubs operate as print/garment design and service units for the surrounding markets, in addition to the team in Turkey serving the renowned local brands.

Gathering around core values of social compliance, sustainability, reliability and a heritage of perfection, Savcan brand has proven itself as an agile strategic business partner for over 70 years.

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