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Eagean Exporters Association
Cigdem ONSAL
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Ibrahim Pasayigit


Aegean Apparel Exporters’ Association and Aegean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association

Aegean Apparel Exporters’ Association (AAEA) represents approximately 1000 member companies which are located in/or around the Aegean region of Turkey and active in the fields of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of top-quality apparel products. Exports realized by members of the Association total up to 1,4 billion USD per year.

Aegean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Associations, on the other hand, has about 500 exporter members which are active in the fields of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of top-quality yarn, fabric and other textile products represents more than 250 million USD export volume.

Aegean Region of Turkey has a significant place in textile and apparel manufacturing in Turkey.

Being a center of production of the high quality “Aegean Cotton”, the region has established itself as a manufacturing hub of knitted and woven men’s, women’s, children’s and babies’ wear. Moreover, the region has specialized in the manufacturing of organic textiles and apparel. In the area, many companies have Global Organic Textile Standard Certification. The Better Cotton production is also increasing trend, especially Aegean area has a large organic cotton field and production. With this capacity and infrastructure, Aegean Region has a great potential to become sustainable, environmental-friendly textile and apparel manufacturing hub.

With its qualified and educated human resources, design knowhow, dynamic and flexible production capacity, concern about quality, textile and clothing industry of Aegean Region can compete in international markets in terms of high quality and a wide range of products. However, due to the reasons detailed above sections, the issue of sustainability has become the number one priority of the industry.

Aegean Has Apparel (AHA)

Moreover the region is a reliable production partner for many worldwide known brands and retail chains by being flexible in terms of production and delivery times and a fashion-oriented mind. The Association has recently launched a Project, named AHA (AegeanHasApparel), to introduce its members and manufacturing capabilities of Aegean Region on international scale and to promote it on various platforms.

Design, production, hard work and partnership… You need to look at the Aegean, to see it, hear it, get to know it…As we always say: Any region in the world can produce apparel... But no one does it like the Aegean!With Aegean Has Apparel, not only you will travel to the Aegean side but also get to know the apparel manufacturers who spread their talents all across the world.

You can visit www.aegeanhasapparel.com to discover exclusive apparel manufacturers from Aegean and more…

You can follow its social media accounts on Instagram (/aegeanhasapparel) and LinkedIn.


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